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48″ Stainless Steel In-Ground Post

48″ Stainless Steel In-Ground Post

This post is intended for use with the Standard and Super Letter Lockers.

  • Constructed of 14 gauge stainless steel
  • Has a #4 brushed finish that matches our other stainless steel products
  • Installed height: 30″ high – physical height: 48″ high
  • 1/4″ stainless steel top plate
  • 1/2″ stainless steel base plate
  • For installations going directly into the ground with a concrete pour.  Posts should sit at least 18″ underground.
  • Optional texture powder coat finish is available in Tan, Mineral Bronze, Grey, Black or White
  • Posts come with a Conditional Lifetime Warranty

* Stainless steel is recommended for wet or moist climates to help resist rust

*48″ In-Ground Posts can also be used for Supreme Letter Lockers (used in place of 36″ In-Ground Post). This substitution is recommended for installations into “loose” ground such as sand or deep gravel.